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What is Tea For Two

There's something magical about two people coming together over a cup of tea. It presents the opportunity to communicate, connect, learn and enjoy the moment. It requires us to be mindful, letting go of all other pressures of life, to truly enjoy each other’s company.
Tea For Two was born out of our own personal experience of finding each other and true love. It was a cold winter evening in the United Kingdom where we had our first cup of tea together, after spending many long months getting to know each other, 4,000 miles apart!
Yes, we were in a long-distance relationship that taught us ways to connect without physical proximity; to learn about each other in the most creative ways possible; to be vulnerable, knowing that it was the key to remaining truly authentic to ourselves, even though it may have been uncomfortable at times and finally; giving ourselves permission to accept that we were a 'work in progress' and we didn't have the answers to everything. So being open to learning from each other was key.
We truly believe that getting to know yourself FIRST, will empower to find your ideal life partner, and create an exponential marriage! We're here to tell you that we have the tools to guide you on your way to finding 'The One', or rekindling your love for your spouse.
Our vision is to see all Muslim couples create exponential marriages based on mutual respect, peace, love and mercy, the world over.
Join us in our quest.

Meet Taf & Victoria

So what does an American Revert and a British born Asian have in common? A lot! The husband and wife duo behind Tea For Two, Taf and Victoria are love enthusiasts that have a drive and passion to help Muslim singles find love and those that are married to rekindle that spark!
Taf and Victoria are certified life coaches and between them both, they  have almost five decades of experience in leading and facilitating group discussions, retreats and training courses. Both entrepreneurs, and ‘outside the box’ thinkers, they lead with a faith inspired unique approach. They like to keep it real, heart-centred and guide Muslims to have true results in their love lives…guaranteed.
Beyond their global mission to help all Muslims find love, you can find them in a coffee shop (talking for hours,) working out, spending time with their children and grandchildren, cooking some crazy delicious plant based meals, or out exploring the beauty of England.


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What We Do

All Enquiries: tafandvictoria@teafortwo.uk